Millennium Galvanizing is a proud member of the American Galvanizing Association. We operate with a lead free kettle using special High Grade Zinc that is supported by the most technologically advanced equipment in our industry.

Millennium Galvanizing can also perform painting, metalizing and paint over bare blasted steel as well as paint over galvanized steel for sensitive areas of installation that require an aesthetically pleasing coating application.


  • Millennium Galvanizing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crest Industries. Millennium's plant site address is 91130 Winnie Road in Convent Louisiana 70723
  • Plant is located on 31 acres of ground; 48,000sf under roof
  • We strive to provide a 3 to 5 working day turn on customer material. Rush services are provided and the cost is determined by volume of material
  • We have one tractor trailer truck and 10 flatbed trailers 48' in our fleet
  • We have painting capabilities for black steel as well as paint over galvanizing
  • We have Metalizing capabilities
  • Welders are on staff to repair or add small details left off accidentally during fabrication
  • Millennium has a minor source permit with LDEQ for air emissions
  • As a member of the American Galvanizing Association, we are provided with up to date info pertaining to all aspects of the galvanizing industry. Our name, location, phone, and email can be found when navigating through their website

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